Drive amazing experience with XR technology

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Elevate the most fundamental element of engagement strategy:


Imagine a world where you engage with your customers on their terms, in real-time, remotely in the metaverse, deliver a personalized experience and with unlimited participation. Awvent makes this possible

Define User Journey

Create a user journey with multiple event instances or a single instance like a product demo, workshops, or conference to engage

Create Event Environment

Create or upload your event environment or select one from our library for an immersive experience

Manage Participation

Segment and select participants based on user journey. Engage with a single participant or create a multi-player event with unlimited participants

Explore Key Features

Schedular Tools

Design campaign and upload content

  • Create & define campaigns (product demo, training, events)
  • Design funnel based on user need and type of engagement from nurturing to on-boarding
  • Select audience to personalize campaigns create instances and content for engagements
Campaign Environment

Experience that excites your customers

  • Create your metaverse environment or select from our library to simulate a real-life environment
  • Deliver near-real experience in the virtual environment for your remote customers
  • Deliver personalized experience for the unlimited participant and ensure constancy of delivery and user experience
User Analytics

Analytics that improve engagement

  • Create personalized analytics dashboards or follow our recommended matrices
  • View analytics based on user participation, action, and behavior
  • View funnel performance and campaign scores to develop used cases to improve content and user engagements

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