Awvent elevates customer engagement experience with augmented & virtual reality technology and takes the guesswork out of your engagement strategy

Awvent makes it easy to connect and deliver a unique virtual experience for your customers

With a few simple steps, create an end-to-end experience journey. Upload content, invite your audience, select a virtual environment, and deliver a personalized experience that excites and engages your customers. With AI and ML based behavioral analytics, Awvent accelerate your business outcomes.

Design, publish and promote amazing campaigns

Our schedular tools are designed to make your campaigns personal, interactive, and engaging. With an intuitive interface, you can select an audience, define event instances like product demos, training, and workshops; and then design or upload content perfect for them.

Deliver amazing experience in the metaverse

Engage with customers in an immersive metaverse environment of your choice or select one from our library. With a host of tools to manage content and user experience, deliver an awesome experience for a single customer or a multi-player event

Analytics that improve engagement

Design personalized analytics dashboards and campaign scores or follow our recommended matrices to identify key performance indicators based on user participation, actions, and behavior

How we support your events

  1. How do we create campaigns?

    Using our schedular tools, users can create campaigns and map out customer engagement from the start-to-finish. Users can create consumer journeys based on their campaign strategy and objectives. Relevant content can be tagged to each stage of the funnel, ensuring the execution of an efficient campaign and end-user experience

  2. Where do we get the content for engagement?

    Users can create their 3D content or upload content to their library and then tag than to the various campaigns

  3. What types of campaigns can be created?

    We support the creation of campaigns based on user needs. Be it product demo, walkthrough, training, simulation, or onboarding every type of campaign can be created and defined

  4. At any given time, how many campaigns can be created?

    There is no limit to campaigns, users can create multiple campaigns for different target groups and execute them simultaneously

  5. What is the campaign's environment?

    A campaign environment is a virtual environment used to simulate near-real experiences. Users can select or create the environment of choice to ensure they deliver the best possible engagement in the virtual environment

  6. Can we create our environment?

    Yes, our users can create their environment or select from our existing library to deliver the maximum impact on engagement

  1. How many participants can we support?

    There is no limit to participation in any campaign or any instance of a campaign. Users can create a list or upload a list of target customers to make them part of the campaigns

  2. How do we ensure segmentation of participation to ensure privacy and data sanctity?

    User participation is based on tagging a particular campaign, and access to content is based on permission provided by the campaign owner

  3. How do our customers access the platform?

    Access to the campaign is provided by the campaign owner via specific login credentials and permission

  1. What types of analytics can we access?

    We use AI/ML and behavioral science to get the best out of user engagement and these are presented across various dashboards and user engagement scores

  2. Can we create our dashboard?

    Campaign owners can create their dashboards and matrices based on campaign structure

  3. Can we integrate cross-campaign analytics?

    Cross campaign analytics can be accessed via the library and can be used to define outcomes and scores

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